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About Us

ADS Dentures is part of the Affordable Dental Solutions family of practices. Since 2011, we have been specializing in providing top quality dental care for dentures, implants, and other general dentistry services at prices that are largely unheard of in our industry. We can do this very easily, because we have built our practice by maintaining control over the entire part of the procedure.

By having both ownership and control over the entire process, Affordable Dental Solutions sets the standard in both care and affordability. To learn more about how we can help transform your smile, contact us via phone at (484)578-6044 or fill out our more information form.

A Beautiful Smile Is Priceless

We can provide the results you are looking for at an affordable price. We understand our patient's needs and will make every possible attempt to accommodate your schedule, concerns and financial needs.

Smile not only in your dreams, let's make it a reality!

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