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Affordable Dentures In The West Chester Area

Full Dentures Starting at $650

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Welcome to Affordable Dental Solutions for Dentures in West Chester, PA!

For over five years we have been providing very high quality dental care at reasonable prices out of our flagship office in Reading, PA. We’re excited to open our new practice in West Chester specializing in taking out the middleman in dentures and implants. For too many years, patients have had to make a tough and sometimes embarrassing choice: do you suffer without dental care, use the services of a low quality provider, or fork over thousands of dollars you might not have?

After becoming frustrated with the lack of credible and quality affordable dental care options, specifically for dentures, Affordable Dental Solutions changed the game. Here is what makes us so different:

  • We only make high quality dentures. Typically what other practices advertise as their introductory denture package is so cheap that we would be embarrassed to put it in a patient’s mouth. We provide one and only one denture package: the best on the market. These are the same that we would recommend to our own family.
  • We minimize: costs, appointments, and downtime. We have always offered “package pricing” to make sure that you do not have any unexpected costs. However, we also try to minimize appointments so you have to take less time off and less time recovering from any procedure.
  • Only board certified dentists. Our dentists have been treating patients and making dentures for many years, and they have a passion for helping patients. We strongly believe that experience matters not only because it means fewer problems, but also higher quality care.

Bottom line: while our dentures may be affordable, do not call them cheap. Affordable Dental Solutions is the only place where you can expect the type of care that you would receive at a Main Line boutique office, for a fraction of the cost.


Full Dentures $650 for one arch (either upper or lower)
$1,200 for both arches if done at the same time
Partial Dentures - Either cast metal frameworks or flexible acrylic $750 for one arch (either upper or lower)
$1,400 for both arches if done together
Denture Relines
Denture Repairs
Adding teeth to existing partial denture $99 for first tooth
$15 for each additional tooth
Extractions $99 per tooth
$89 per tooth if done in conjunction with denture services

A Beautiful Smile Is Priceless

We can provide the results you are looking for at an affordable price. We understand our patient's needs and will make every possible attempt to accommodate your schedule, concerns and financial needs.

Smile not only in your dreams, let's make it a reality!

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