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Partial Dentures

Sometimes full dentures are not necessary and partial dentures will help you regain your smile and your lifestyle. At ADS Dentures we offer the same outstanding quality with our partial dentures (DENTSPLY denture teeth) as we do with our full dentures. However, with partial dentures we know everyone’s major concern: will they match my existing teeth or dental work? The answer is a resounding: yes.

By using the finest quality dentures from DENTSPLY we have the ability to match your existing teeth and get the fit just right. This is where ADS Dentures really shines.

Implant-Retained Dentures

For some patients, the idea or habit of using adhesive to secure dentures is both tedious and frustrating. Loose fitting dentures can sometimes be just as bad as having your old teeth back. Implant-retained dentures offer a solution to loose fitting dentures and adhesives.

By using specifically positioned implants, our dentists are able to create or modify your dentures to fit perfectly without the need for glues or adhesives. If you have struggled with loose fitting dentures, implant-retained dentures are a great alternative.

Missing Teeth

If you struggle with missing teeth, partial dentures also apply. Many do not know that you can have dentures secured in your mouth to replace only a few teeth rather than the entire top or bottom of your bite.

For more information on how DENTSPLY denture teeth can vastly improve your quality of life, reach out to one of our skilled dentists today or request more information through our form.

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